What is paralelo 40º?

Paralelo 40- World Mediterranean Diet Surveillance System is an initiative that aims to promote, collect and disseminate interdisciplinary & multisectorial research of the Mediterranean Diet from different scopes: Food, Agriculture, Health, Cultural, Economical, Gastronomical and Environmental.

Since the Mediterranean Diet is based on consuming proximity products mostly associated with the latitude (weather conditions) where the Mediterranean Sea is located rather than its proximity to this sea, this year the World Mediterranean Diet Surveillance System was created to monitor this lifestyle and disseminate its benefits.

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation promotes this initiative that collects, analyses, interprets and disseminates information and knowledge (strategic indicators, especially). It focuses on the promotion of scientific research and the development of recommendation on healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Who is involved?

Paralelo 40’s Advisory Board is a group of prestigious and renowned international researchers led by Dr. Ramon Estruch, President of Paralelo 40 and Coordinator of the solid clinical trial on Mediterranean Diet at the scientific level (PREDIMED). The members of the Advisory Board include experts in the following areas:


Public health (lifestyle and food)
Agriculture and environment
Restoration and gastronomy
Culture, history and society


It is willing to integrate in all its actions representative figures and institutions, not just at the European and national level, but also in areas of the globe located around the 40th parallel (Northern and Southern hemisphere), which both have similar environmental conditions and climate. Therefore, the scope is regional, national and international encompassing the areas confined to the 40th parallel.

What does the food pattern in Portugal, California or Chile (fine wines), China (where olive trees being planted massively,) of the pampas of Argentina, South Africa or Australia have in common? All are close to the Mediterranean dietary pattern because they are in regions around the “40th parallel”. The 40th parallel is a circle of latitude that is 40 degrees North and South of the equatorial plane of the Earth. In the North for example the imaginary line drawn parallel 40ºN runs along the Mediterranean Sea, through Asia, Japan, stops in North America and returns to the Iberian Peninsula.
Weather conditions defined as temperate- warm climates with a dry season Mediterranean are near or around mid-latitudes, around the 40th Parallel.

The temperate Mediterranean, in the regions around the Northern and Southern 40th parallel correspond to areas where a majority of typical Mediterranean foods (such as the triad (wheat, grapes and olives)) are grown, and also share some traditions, landscapes and culinary aspects. All this because of the situation in the Mediterranean on the 40th parallel.


After the charter and the first meeting of experts on May 25th, we want to advance a series of meetings or virtual work and adherence to PARALELO 40 by organizations that aim to defend and promote a healthy lifestyle. The most outstanding results of the Surveillance System reports is presented biennially in the Barcelona International Conference on the Mediterranean Diet in the framework of the Food and Beverage Exhibition, Alimentaria.


Paralelo 40 wants to be a tool for safeguarding the heritage of the Mediterranean Diet:



Inventory the heritage of the Mediterranean Diet in areas of the 40th parallel.


Collect, analyze trends and disseminate updated information (quantitative and qualitative data) of the progress and setbacks experienced by the heritage of the Mediterranean Diet in the zone of the 40th parallel.


Transmit the latest scientific evidence and recommendations to key actors in the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet.


Report on the need to preserve that heritage and build the instruments, actions and programs needed for this purpose. Both at an academic level and to the public in general.


Paralelo 40 – World Mediterranean Diet Surveillance System becomes a tool to safeguard the Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Revaluing the Mediterranean Diet as one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. Returning to the traditional Mediterranean Diet, one of the best food patterns and best lifestyle, is proposed as the best solution to combat the loss of healthy habits that affect Mediterranean countries solutions, and by extension to the 40th parallel, and It leads to a loss of quality of life and an increased incidence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cognitive impairment, and even cancer. If so, there will be an economic return, greater sustainability of the planet, a healthier population, and greater preservation of the heritage of all.